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Estate Planning and Litigation

Thorough Indiana Attorney Advises on Estate Planning and Litigation


After working a lifetime to accumulate and preserve assets, you’re entitled to distribute them as you see fit. Sadly, many people fail to take the necessary steps to leave the legacy they intend. Located in Fort Wayne, Patterson Law LLC advises Indiana clients on legal instruments such as wills and trusts and the rights they have if a dispute over someone else’s estate arises. Whether you’re looking to establish a sound estate plan, need to revise an existing document or are engaged in probate litigation, attorney Rex Patterson has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.


Our firm provides comprehensive legal support so that individuals and families can be sure that proper arrangements are in place in case of an untimely accident or illness. We provide personalized counsel on a full range of estate planning options, including:

  • Wills — Indiana residents with sophisticated estate planning needs and those just looking to draft a simple will rely on us for honest, professional guidance. We create straightforward, legally enforceable documents that reflect the goals of the testator and also revise existing wills when circumstances change.
  • Trusts — People who want to help their loved ones avoid the probate process or wish to direct how their assets will be used might benefit from a trust. These legal instruments perform a variety of functions, and we can help you determine if one might suit your needs. One popular solution is a living trust that allows its creator to access assets within the trust for the rest of their life, then pass them upon their death to named beneficiaries without going through probate.
  • Guardianships — Parents of minor children and disabled adults have a moral duty to protect their sons and daughters no matter what occurs. Taking the time to establish clear, sound instructions on guardianship can avert disputes and create a strong foundation for your children if you are no longer around to care for them.

Beginning with a consultation, our firm is dedicated to ensuring that you have the information you need to build a complete estate plan that safeguards your assets and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.


Probate matters often put estate representatives and beneficiaries in a situation they are not prepared for. This can be particularly true if a dispute exists regarding the creation or execution of wills and other testamentary documents. If you are responsible for carrying out the instructions left by someone who has recently died, we’ll advise you if the estate can be closed through Indiana’s small-estate process or by affidavit. For both unsupervised and supervised administration matters, we work to bring assets within the estate, handle expenses efficiently and distribute property in accordance with the will’s terms. When questions regarding alleged undue influence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty or other types of misconduct arise, we act quickly and aggressively to protect our client’s rights and enforce the directions left by the decedent.


Part of passing along a worthy legacy to your family involves preserving wealth during your lifetime. We assist with various asset protection strategies, including plans to fund long-term care and the collection of veterans’ benefits you might be entitled to. After a thorough evaluation of your circumstances, our firm will go over potential contingencies and look for creative solutions to deal with them.

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Patterson Law LLC in Fort Wayne advises Indiana individuals and families on a wide array of estate planning and litigation concerns, including will preparation and probate disputes. To make an appointment, please call 260-247-8383 or contact us online. We offer an initial consultation.

  • "Rex was very helpful and understanding of my situation. He was honest and upfront. For everything that he did for me, I am very thankful. I highly recommend Patterson Law LLC." - Hailee Gordon

  • "Rex is absolutely amazing at what he does! I have to say that his professionalism is above and beyond! You knocked it out of the park today my friend! I will speak highly of you and your staff to every single person I know! Thank you!" - Bryan Sanders

  • "I've been working with Rex for what it seems like forever now, he hasn't let me down one time! He works his hardest to get what needs to be done, done! I'd recommend him to anyone!!" - Megan Mitchell

  • "I would highly recommend Patterson Law to anyone! Everyone there is so professional and helpful! Rex took the time to get to know my case and handled it remarkably! Though I hope to never need their services again, I would most certainly if the need arose. Thank you to Rex and the entire staff! You are truly excellent stewards of your profession!" - Amy Gilbert-Koch

  • "Rex Patterson is a great person and lawyer! I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a straightforward no-nonsense approach to legal matters! I am very thankful that while sitting in a law firm in Ft. Wayne explaining my situation I was advised to go to Rex!! Best decision ever! Thanks again Rex for your calm approach to crazy!!!;)" - Abby Richards

  • "Rex is a great attorney. The clients we mutually served shared how Rex was a good attorney and fair in his pricing. Would highly recommend Rex for any of your legal needs." - Ron Nicolet Owner of Nicolet Counseling LLC

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