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Relationships between parents sometimes end, but that does not remove the legal responsibility that mothers and fathers have to meet their children’s financial needs. Whether a married couple is divorcing or parents were never wed, Patterson Law LLC advocates for the rights of clients and their children. From our office in Fort Wayne, we represent parents in proceedings to establish child support rates and in legal matters relating to the modification and enforcement of existing orders. Our firm will outline the factors used to calculate required payment amounts under Indiana law and press for a fair outcome if your co-parent is giving incorrect or incomplete information to the court.


Each family situation is unique, and our firm pursues child support arrangements suited to the needs and circumstances of everyone involved. Often, the best results can be accomplished through negotiation or mediation, but if the decision goes to a court, we’ll make sure you understand factors used in the state’s child support formula, such as:

  • Income of the parents — The income of both the custodial and noncustodial parent is considered, but this can be trickier than some might believe. In addition to wages, income also covers other types of compensation, including disability and unemployment benefits. We handle disputes that can arise when a party is accused of intentionally hiding or reducing what they earn to avoid their responsibility.
  • Health insurance costs — Medical insurance costs can have a significant effect on family finances. Contributions that each parent makes toward healthcare coverage are used in the standard Indiana calculation. If your child has special medical needs, our firm will address how treatments should be covered.
  • Day care expenses — When a child requires day care because the custodial parent works, tuition payments made by both parents factor into the child support rate.

Whether you’re a paying or recipient parent, our family law firm understands how important a proper decision is to your future plans. Starting with a consultation, attorney Rex Patterson will work tirelessly to help you secure the outcome you seek.


Child support awards issued in connection with a divorce or the end of some other type of relationship reflect the situation at the time. Drastic changes can occur afterward that demand a modification to ensure fairness. However, parties are not permitted to make these adjustments on their own. When a job loss, disabling injury or some other substantial and continuing change occurs, we can advise you as to whether a modification is feasible. One year after an order is issued, a change can be granted if, using updated information, the rate would be altered by at least 20 percent. Whatever the specific facts entail, we can pursue or oppose any type of modification request.


Under state law, child support must be paid in full even if a custodial parent is not abiding by visitation or custody rules. Even bankruptcy does not relieve the obligation to make back payments. Enforcement actions can be initiated through the Child Support Division at the Allen County Courthouse or the prosecutor’s office in another county where you reside. Many options exist to hold noncustodial parents accountable, including the withholding of wages, suspension of driver’s or professional licenses and credit bureau reporting. Our firm takes aggressive action to help clients obtain the funds they are entitled to and also counters unwarranted allegations of failing to pay support.

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Patterson Law LLC in Fort Wayne advocates for Indiana parents in child support proceedings, including actions relating to modification and enforcement requests. To make an appointment for a consultation, please call 260-247-8383 or contact us online.

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